Sunday, 22 January 2012

Today we were invited to our very first doggy birthday party for a good friend of ours Rooster. I know what you all must be thinking...but it was a great afternoon for the dogs to socialize together and for us humans to get out of the house on a beautiful sunday afternoon for a hike.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Shoes can change your life...just ask Cinderella

The Rowe Family...

During a walk that we had this weekend, I was able to capture a couple pictures of this amazing family!!

Morrison Dam

As long as I can remember our family would take a walk on this trail in Exeter, Ontario. We have in the past done it in the fall when we got together for Thanksgiving, but this year we thought we would take advantage of the great weather and go for a winter walk.
Morrison Dam is a 5 km trail that is right in the center of Exeter. There are scenic points, bridges, fishing areas and great for photos!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I (heart) Addie!!

I got to do a shoot again today with Addie!! She is always a treat to work with and LOVES to be photographed! We did many shots during today's session but here are just a couple for mom and dad...

Monday, 9 January 2012

Share the Love...

February is right around the corner and what does that mean...Valentine's Day! I know, I know...I can hear you all moaning out there...I am also one to have reasons why this "Hallmark Holiday" is silly...

#1. Cupid...Chubby naked baby flying around shooting people with love arrows? No thanks, creepy.

#2. Sympathy for Singles...There’s nothing wrong with being single, I have lots of friends that are but you wouldn’t know it in February.

#3. Roses...Bringing home flowers “just because” says, “I love you.” Bringing home flowers on Valentine’s Day says, “I just spent a ton of cash on these stupid flowers. I hope you’re happy".

#4. Fancy dinner...See explanation above.

#5. Gross Chocolates...Chocolate is very yummy. Period. Yet, for some reason, at Valentine’s Day the chocolate makers of the world unite to stuff otherwise decent chocolate with all kinds of gross filling—from orange and raspberry to the always mysterious nougat. And the candy hearts...Even kids won’t eat these chalky rocks—and kids will eat sugar out of a bag if you let them.

Between the flowers, candy, dinner and gifts, this day can get pretty expensive. However, while TV commercials want you to believe that girls all want expensive gifts and trinkets, the truth is, most of them would rather have a quiet/normal night at home and get a sweet love note (no, email doesn’t count). A recent story on Yahoo! Reported that we spend an average of $17 billion on this, er, holiday (that comes out to about $123 per person)

But even with all of these reasons, this day is one that is just filled with love a bit more. It is one day where even though it was planned, someone takes the time to tell someone else that they love them, there is lots of red (one of my favorite colors), hearts, notes....and cute pictures!!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Miss Adelaide...

I had the opportunity before christmas to use Miss Addie (my neice) as a model for my new props that I had hand made by cheekymonkey hat design. I wanted to get some pictures done for my portfolio as well as since christmas was coming I thought they would make some good gifts.
Addie was a treat to work with and loved modeling for my camera which you will see in the posted pictures...

Maternity Photographs...

I had the opportunity to shoot Jason & Katrina's maternity photos when she was 8 months pregnant. This was one of my very first photo shoots that I did and was honored to be able to capture this special event in their lives. Maternity photos are something that most people don't really take the time to do. And when I look back on the conversation that Jason and I had about doing these photos he said that they were looking at getting some done but because they were too expensive they would rather spend the money on baby shots afterwards. Unfortunatly there are many new expecting parents that don't take the opportunity to capture this amazing life experience and regret it afterwards. These photos will one day be a story that is talked about with your child, maybe when they are becoming a new brother or sister or maybe a new parent themselves.

These are some of the photos that were captured that day...
I have always had two passions in life, family & photography. I will admit that photography in the past was not always a top passion within the two, but recently I have discovered my love of being behind the lense again. My intentions will never to become a photographer that is famous or do it for a living, but I do love doing it as a hobby and the looks on the clients faces after I give them the CD of photos is an AWESOME feeling!!

I call myself a "lifestyle" photography is a style of photography which aims to portray real-life situations in a controlled setting. Lighting is bright, airy and natural-looking. I love capturing special moments, events and everyday life on film (well these days, on the computer). I can remember sitting at my home in Strathroy going through rubbermaid bins (the big blue ones) full of pictures of my family and talking about each picture and the story that it told. Laughing at funny ones, remembing special moments with someone that is no longer with us, and talking about the ones that SHOULD NOT have been taken (we all have a couple of those). But all of these pictures, good or bad...are our memories, moments and life.