Monday, 9 January 2012

Share the Love...

February is right around the corner and what does that mean...Valentine's Day! I know, I know...I can hear you all moaning out there...I am also one to have reasons why this "Hallmark Holiday" is silly...

#1. Cupid...Chubby naked baby flying around shooting people with love arrows? No thanks, creepy.

#2. Sympathy for Singles...There’s nothing wrong with being single, I have lots of friends that are but you wouldn’t know it in February.

#3. Roses...Bringing home flowers “just because” says, “I love you.” Bringing home flowers on Valentine’s Day says, “I just spent a ton of cash on these stupid flowers. I hope you’re happy".

#4. Fancy dinner...See explanation above.

#5. Gross Chocolates...Chocolate is very yummy. Period. Yet, for some reason, at Valentine’s Day the chocolate makers of the world unite to stuff otherwise decent chocolate with all kinds of gross filling—from orange and raspberry to the always mysterious nougat. And the candy hearts...Even kids won’t eat these chalky rocks—and kids will eat sugar out of a bag if you let them.

Between the flowers, candy, dinner and gifts, this day can get pretty expensive. However, while TV commercials want you to believe that girls all want expensive gifts and trinkets, the truth is, most of them would rather have a quiet/normal night at home and get a sweet love note (no, email doesn’t count). A recent story on Yahoo! Reported that we spend an average of $17 billion on this, er, holiday (that comes out to about $123 per person)

But even with all of these reasons, this day is one that is just filled with love a bit more. It is one day where even though it was planned, someone takes the time to tell someone else that they love them, there is lots of red (one of my favorite colors), hearts, notes....and cute pictures!!

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